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PRISM Video's Supertrain VHS Release

      A bit of mystery, at least to me, is this Prism Video VHS release of "Express To Terror."  It appears to be from the 1980s, but that is not confirmed.  Beyond this release, I've never heard of Prism Video.  This release presents the first episode of "Supertrain" only slightly different from the way it appeared on NBC.  In place of the title "Supertrain" at the beginning of the credits, this release includes the title "Express To Terror."  Beyond this minor change, I can find difference between the contents of this version versus what aired simply as "Supertrain" on Lifetime TV in 1987.
     This VHS tape surfaces frequently on eBay and is not hard to obtain for those interested in owning it.  A recent search found "Express To Terror" available from second-hand sellers on too.

The jacket cover for Prism's VHS release of "Express To Terror"
Prism Video
The on-screen "Express To Terror" title not seen during the February 7, 1979 NBC airing of this first episode of "Supertrain"

Why Isn't Supertrain On DVD?

Good Question!
"Supertrain" was an NBC Production and rights for the 10-hours of episodes should likely reside with NBC-Universal today.

Most people know the name "Supertrain," but how many have actually seen an episode of this series?

Considering the program's notoriety in the history of television, one would have to think it should be restored and preserved on home video. 

A nice 2-DVD set with the original NBC promos and maybe the raw footage of the Supertrain models in action, providing the film still exists? I'd buy that DVD!

Write, Phone, or E-mail Universal Studios Home Video and request a "Supertrain" DVD release today!

Contact NBC Universal Ask For "Supertrain" On DVD!

100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608